10 Green Demands for a Green EU Presidency

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Fédération Inter-environnement Wallonie, Inter-environnement Bruxelles, Natagora, WWF, Greenpeace, Natuurpunkt, Bond Beter Leefmilieu and BRAL are calling on the Belgian presidency of the EU to :

1. To lead for robust and ambitious targets and milestones for the 2020 Biodiversity strategies on both the international and European level. The Belgium Presidency should lead a well coordinated EU Delegation during the UN Conference on Biological Diversity in order to adopt a new Global Strategic Plan for 2020, and an Access and Benefit Sharing Protocol. The EU 2020 Biodiversity Strategy should be adopted at the December Environment Council.

2. To ensure that the EU is playing a leading and constructive role, with a clear, ambitious position and active engagement in the International Climate Change Negotiations up to and during Cancun.

The EU should for 2020:
–    commit to a 40% emission reduction target (of which 30% is to be achieved within the EU);
–    push other nations to adopt equally ambitious targets;
–    ensure relevant progress on specific issues like Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation (REDD) and post-2012 financial aid to developing countries.

The EU should for 2050:
–    develop a Zero carbon strategy, reducing emissions with at least 95%;
–    push other developed nations to adopt similar Zero Carbon Action Plans;
–    Push developing nations to design Low Carbon Action Plans, in which they are to define specific actions in line with their national reduction target.

3. To lead for the EU to demonstrate coherence and leadership in the global arena as regard to the importance of environmental sustainability (Millennium Development Goal 7) towards averting global biodiversity loss and achieving long-term poverty reduction and human development.

4. To lead for the EU to ensure that environment challenges (biodiversity loss, climate change, water quality and scarcity, etc.) are taken in account during the discussions on the Financial Perspectives (2014-2020). Environmental concerns are crucial to sustainable development of the EU and are to be effectively integrated in major spending areas like CAP and Cohesion Policy. Moreover, sufficient funding should be provided for the implementation of Natura 2000, river basin management plans, and Life+.

5. To make sure that the European Council adopts ambitious legislation that excludes illegal timber and regulates the sale of timber products on the EU market.

6. To promote a mandatory 20% energy saving target by 2020 within the context of the reviewed EU Energy Efficiency Action Plan (EEAP). Key Directives to support this aim are the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) and the Ecodesign requirements for Energy Using Products (EuP) Directive.

7. To show leadership for the development of an EU 2050 vision for a 100% renewable energy system, with significant progress in the establishment of a smart distribution grid initiative and an integrated offshore North Seas wind energy grid system.

8. To move from waste to a “cradle-to-cradle”-approach; promoting in particular the implementation of the Waste Framework Directive, and pushing the European Commission to initiate a Bio-Waste Directive. The informal Environment Council (12-13 July), organised by the Belgian Presidency, should in particular ensure that the implementation of the Waste Framework Directive does not lead to a de-facto creation of a pan-European open market for industrial waste, as this would prevent a real sustainable materials management.

9. To ensure ambitious action on environmental health, including the preparation of a second Health and Environment Action Plan and the follow-up of the Biocide Legislation, with a specific focus on air pollution and chemicals.

10. To follow up on the 2008 Summit conclusions requiring the European Commission to significantly strengthen GMO environmental risk assessments. Ensure that all proposals of the European Commission in the field of GMOs respect the will of Member States and are based upon the precautionary principles.

For more info, please check the website http://www.10greendemands.be/


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