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Just 5 weeks left before the Sustainable Tourism Fair…

New animations have been cooked for the 2010 edition !
Have a first look at what’s in the pot

October 15th (Friday): BtoB Forum

In order to foster contacts and meetings between small operators and traditional touristic sector.

Free Fair Trade breakfasts served to the first 200 visitors on 16th and 17th !

Come and enjoy Fair Trade coffee, tea and other delicious products!
In partnership with Ethiquable, Be Fair Awards Winners in 2009 (Best Fair Trade Company).

The Travellers’ Baobab Tree

Our « Baobab Tree » will welcome travellers from everywhere to discuss and share good tips and advice on travels.
Willing to share your experience of a travel, your knowledge of a country or a region?
Contact us to participate !


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Brussels Greeters, a nice summer success

Brussels Greeters Network, launched last May, is already a strong success with more than 50 active Greeters.
Created by Tourisme autrement, Brussels Greeters Network intends to foster respect of local population, of their culture, their environment and their traditions.

The network will soon develop to other Belgian cities and will give you the opportunity to visit Belgium differently.

Discover a town with the locals

The Greeters, inhabitants of Belgian cities, welcome you to share their city, off the beaten track, for a genuine and free visit.
More than plain guided tours, the point is to foster encounters between locals and visitors, which enables multicultural exchanges.
In a nutshell, a Greeter offers the visitors a genuine discovery of their town, according to his/her soft spots: favorite neighbourhood, a little scenic street, the atmosphere of a cafe or a bar, enjoy a hidden green spot…

Tempted by the adventure and willing to try the Greeters out?
Find more information here
Do not hesitate to share this news with your contacts!
We will be more than happy to welcome you in Brussels.

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Rencontre avec les premiers Greeters

Première réunion d’information avec quelques uns de nos Greeters (prêts à vous accueillir !!)

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Become a Greeter for Brussels

Living in Brussels and loving it? You have a passion for meeting new people from different backgrounds?

To be a Greeter, it’s spending a few hours with Brussels visitors and share your vision and experience of the town, away from the beaten tracks and help visitors discovers your favorite parks, bars, shops or photography scenes…

The objective is NOT to visit usual touristic spots but is really about meeting new people and giving them your view and your experience of Brussels as a city.

So if you live in Brussels and you are passionate about this city and new encounters, contact us to get more info.

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